Pre-Conference Workshop Day: 19 October: 9.00 EST – 11.30 EST

Workshops are interactive sessions, making the most of our platforms capability for the audience to share their audio/video, participate in discussions, live polls and 1-2-1 breakout rooms. These sessions will be comprised of presentations, screens sharing, group discussions and problem-solving exercises.

Workshop A

Integrating Human Factors for a User-Centric Injectable Device Design

9.00-11.30 EST  

This workshop is a detailed and in-depth deep dive into how you can
investigate user needs to ensure the injectables and smart devices
that you design account for use by patient subgroups and minority.

By attending this workshop, you will:
• Have a thorough understanding of user needs and how to translate
them to creating user-centric and friendly injectable devices

• Acquire the skills to design research and clinical trials that will
pay attention to user needs and identify potential issues pre

Workshop Leader:

Markus Wierzoch

Markus Wierzoch
Head of Industrial Design
Eli Lilly & Co