Celebrating the 10th Anniversary: From Pre-Filled Syringes to Autoinjectors to Next Generation Injectables

Coming to 2020, injectables market is still booming with innovations to better serve patients with novel therapies and platform technologies. Reflecting on 2019’s annual meeting, both drug developers, manufacturers and digital solutions are racing against the clock to launch the next best injectable device for better patient and user experience.

We are aspired to help the community advance engineering excellence – from material selection to primary packaging, from fast tracking device development timeline to validating your next gen device design – needle-free subcutaneous injection with a connected app is no longer a distant dream.

Register your interest or share your story with our community at the forthcoming 10th Injectables Summit, which will return to San Diego in September. Over 3 days we will unite 120+ senior industry leaders to share, debate, challenge what injectable 2.0 should look like, while maintaining quality and patient safety always!

Excellent conference with a diverse speaker panel that cover multiple aspects of PFS research and development


I found this conference enjoyable and learned a lot. Speakers shared their own experiences and lessons learned, which I will be able to directly apply in my job

Senior Director, Safety Risk Lead, Pfizer

This conference provides
a unique opportunity to
collaborate on key roadmap
requirements set forth by the
pharma & biotech companies
and device manufacturers

Director of Device Development, Genentech