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September 24-26, 2019 | San Diego

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UL acquired Wiklund Research & Design (based in the USA) in 2012. Our consulting practice has grown over 400% during the ensuing six years, reflecting strong demand for its services. In mid-2018, UL acquired Medical Device Usability (based in the UK). Our two consulting groups are now fully integrated and delivering services to an international clientele.

Our consulting team has deep experience in the medical device and combination product domains. But it also serves several other industries, helping to ensure that consumer products, industrial products, software applications, and automotive products deliver a great user experience.

We have helped our clients succeed in hundreds of product development projects by:

  •   Ensuring that human factors research and design efforts have complied with regulatory requirements and industry standards.
  •   Ensuring that the right level of creativity and energy has been expended to create excellent user interfaces to products.
  •   Accelerating product development efforts, in part by eliminating the need for user interface design rework.
  •   Guiding an appropriate level of investment in human factors research and design to achieve commercial goals.
  •   Delivering trustworthy advice on how to leverage internal and external resources.
  •   Lowering their business risk in myriad ways.